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The essentials to continued business success — transformative growth, profitability and a reimagined customer experience — are only possible with an intelligent and dynamic supply chain. At Blue Yonder, we have built the one and only intelligent, real-time platform that provides a single, trusted view of supply and demand and a competitive advantage to your business. Whether you’re looking to transform manual processes, begin a full digital transformation journey, or something in between, we’re ready to help. Let's achieve your supply chain management goals, and fulfil your potential, together.

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Kinaxis delivers unparalleled supply chain agility and resilience to supply chains across the globe. We combine human intelligence with artificial intelligence and concurrency to help companies prepare for any future, monitor risks and opportunities and respond at the pace of change. Our industry-proven applications and extensible, cloud-based RapidResponse platform empowers supply chain professionals and business leaders to know sooner, act faster and remove waste so they can make the best decisions for their business, their customers and our planet.

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Empower your business with data-driven intelligence through our connected platform.As pioneers in end-to-end technology solutions, we optimize your supply chain with advanced tools. Our journey is fueled by a team of industry experts with decades of combined experience in hardware and software domains. Each founding member has held influential positions in Fortune 500 companies, driving monumental change. This wealth of experience propels our mission to revolutionize supply chain management

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Gtropy is a renowned brand ventured by a passionate team from the world’s most eminent institutions. We are dedicated to the field of GPS Based Fleet Management Solutions and its exhaustive Data Analytics. Proficient in providing valuable solutions, we cater to diverse clients from all verticals. Our aim is to set benchmarks for analytics in the Logistics Industry in terms of imparting avant-garde solutions, high-quality services, and seamless support to our customers. Progressively we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution providers among our esteemed partners and well-satisfied customers. As of now, we have 1,00,000+ Live vehicles to our credit with quarterly growth of 40%. Our gigantic network of 350+ partners reflects our success story. Gtropy has an array of solutions for every Industry type in the Logistics domain that help in the management of Logistics Operations, Passenger Transportation, Fleet Management, Supply & Distribution as well as pickup and drop services.