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Pando is a global leader in supply chain technology, building the world’s fastest, and highest ROI-driven networked-Transport Management System (TMS). Pando is the TMS of choice for Fortune 500 manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies globally, with presence across Southeast Asia, Middle East and North America. Pando’s network-powered SaaS platform for supply chain execution helps enterprises digitalize, automate, and scale their logistics operations across all modes and legs of movement. Global manufacturers use Pando’s platform for end-to-end supply chain visibility, network-intelligent dispatch planning and optimization, freight audit and payment, predictive analytics, and running a central control tower for logistics. Pando’s customers who are global manufacturers vouch for Pando’s quick time to value, quantifiable ROI, and ability to easily integrate with both enterprise technology systems and carrier technology systems.

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GoBOLT, a tech-enabled logistics player, is an industry expert in new-age end-to-end logistics services with SaaS-based solutions. Founded in 2015, it works with the sole aim to streamline the supply chain model and upscale the Indian logistics industry as a whole. It conceptualized the venture with the vision to transform the Indian logistics market via their innovative tech solutions. From automated planning using client specific algorithms to end- to-end contract digitization & automated billing, users are able to get a centralized view of all the activities within the ecosystem on a one-stop dashboard. Its TMS and infrastructure is deployed inside Google Cloud Platform and VPC, providing utmost security to the data. The microservice based architecture enables GoBOLT to deploy, upgrade, and manage individual services independent of other services in the platform, which makes the SaaS offerings flexible and highly scalable. The platform creates a collaborative view for all the internal and external stakeholders, enabling efficient utilization of resources. Being one of the tech-savvy agile start-ups, it follows a ‘customer-first’ approach and provides insights for process and performance optimization. By leveraging technology, GoBOLT aims to redefine the Indian Logistics sector.

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