2nd Auto Supply Chain Summit

Accelerating Transformation of Automotive Supply Chains

Novotel Hotel, Pune

18th January 2024


The Automotive industry in India has made tremendous strides in managing costs, improving logistics efficiency, and adopting technology. A major plus is our growing export base. But the sector has also faced huge challenges – global slow down, continuous supply chain disruptions, energy crises, climate disasters, and festering semiconductor, and talent shortages.

Alongside, we are seeing the rise of electric vehicles, ADAS, and sustainability concerns. At the Auto Supply Chain Summit, you will meet OEMs, suppliers, and logistics service providers coming together to create a roadmap to take advantage of the opportunities thrown up by a fast-changing industry.

The Theme for the Summit is “Accelerating Transformation of Automotive Supply Chains.”

This is a chance to be part of the most important meeting of Indian automotive and logistics industry at a time when organizations and service providers across the country are set to play an essential role in the industry’s growth thrust. 

Who will Attend

The event will see participation from over 100 Directors, CXO, SVP, VP, GMs, Heads of departments and professionals from the automotive, auto component and logistics ecosystem.











Connecting physical and digital worlds

Learn more about how manufacturers and logistics providers are accelerating digital transformation across operations and setting a path to even more connected, immersive digital twins. What it needs to build tech intensity, digital maturity and data democratization

Making Supply chains more Greener

Understand the government policies and manufacturer roadmaps for reducing waste and carbon emissions. Across packaging, transport, and material choices, managing and tracking supplier performance, and developing multimodal strategies powered by greener vehicles and fuel.

Planning to win and Executing to Deliver: Building an integrated value network

Combining the Demand and Supply dimensions can help us connect sourcing to manufacturing to Consumption building a better integrated value chain. Adding a newer dimension to integrated business planning by combining logistics, business intelligence, data, and information chains helps.

Preparing Logistics for the Future

Auto Supply chains are Global as well as Local. Amidst global disruptions and location challenges today, Automakers will have to build more futuristic and resilient logistic networks. As India's domestic market and exports both will provide opportunities, building a sustainable, efficient, resilient logistics and distribution ecosystem requires a complete rethinking.

Building Partnerships

Understand how automotive manufacturers are re-evaluating their relationships with providers and suppliers, integrating partners into decision-making processes early, Building and providing enhanced visibility of plans to become ‘customers of choice’, and giving partners the confidence to invest in the right capacity and services.

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